Square Dance

Just as Square Dancers work together to make simple moves look complex this table runner uses simple blocks to create an interesting visual dance. The pattern uses the Studio180 Design Square Squared Tool to make two different size units.

Paw Paw

Make three different projects with the traditional bear-paw block.  By using the eight at once method to make half square triangles combined with the trim down accuracy of the Studio 180 Design Tucker Trimmer , you will be making Bear-paw tracks in no time !

Focus Pocus -Small quilt  56” x 66”   Large Quilt 88” x 99”

Focus fabric is beautiful, but putting it in a quilt can be a challenge. This pattern provides a way to use large pieces of Focus Fabric, either horizontally or vertically. Just add some accent with colorful chevrons using Studio180 Design’s Wing Clipper tool and like magic you have a quilt made from your focus fabric, Focus Pocus.


A mandala in it’s simplest form is a square composition containing four circles around a center point. In this unique design created by the Running with Scissors Quilters, half square triangles and V Block units are combined in harmony to make your very own Mandala.

​Published by Studio 180 Design:

Our Patterns

Square Deal Small  Quilt  42” x 42”  Large Quilt 71” x 71”

A Square Deal is defined as a balanced and honest arrangement.  This pattern balances two fundamental blocks, flying geese and autograph blocks into a creative arrangement to make a collection of Squares.  Use you Studio 180 Design Wing Clipper to create this project.

Stone Soup II - Table Runner 21” x 54”   Lap quilt 61” x 49”

When making Soup a variety of ingredients provides a tasty result.  Likewise, this project uses a variety of fabric strips to create a unique result.  This is a fun project to make individually or in a group using strips of fabric and putting them in a common soup pot to share. Just like in the story Stone Soup, by working together, a surprising result is easily achieved.  This pattern is ideal for large group sewing projects. 

                            - 8 sizes from 13" x 14" to 104" x 112"

Kilkenny Weave - Small Runner 39” x 15”  Large Runner  52” x  20”

Tumbling Triangles

By combining two contrasting fabrics you will create triangles that just seem to tumble down this quilt. Using your Studio 180 Design V Block, this quilt is fun and quick. Just jump right in and give it a whirl!

Published by Studio 180 Design :

                            - Table Runner, THROW and Queen Size

                             2 Designs, 6 different sizes from a small wall hanging to Twin

Stars and Stamps

A fun way to show off your CharmStamps™ with a pattern that can use 3,7, or 11 CharmStamps™.  The quilt is easy to make using the Tucker Trimmer I ©. So collect CharmStamps™ , grab your Tucker Trimmer © and strike up the band for Stars and Stamps.

RWSQuilters@gmail.com | Owego, NY  &  Doylestown, PA

- 62" x 62"

splash - 3 projects! - Tablerunner,Throw ( 53"x 53") Bed Quilt ( 77" x 89" )

Party Time -

Who doesn’t like a party.  Create party streamers by combining Dark and Light fabrics and using the trim down accuracy of the Tucker  Trimmer.   This versatile pattern offers six quilt options and comes together quickly.  So grab some fabric and your Tucker Trimmer and let the party begin!

                            - Table Runner20"x 50"

                            - Small Runner 13” x 36”   Large Runner 20” x 54”

Give your quilt a SPLASH of color using the Studio 180 Design Corner Pop Tool.  Pick out fabric for strip sets and add a splash of accent!  This versatile pattern makes three different size projects and also works well with precut strip sets.

Like Irish Dancers twisting and turning in a country dance, this table runner is quick and easy to assemble. Warm your Irish heart by making this complex looking table runner that gives the illusion of woven fabric.  The illusion is made by using the Studio 180 Design Tucker Trimmer to create two simple blocks that will make your fabric dance.

                            - 6 sizes from 15" square to Queen size

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Love Links

Interlocking chevrons make a fun and unique looking quilt. A difficult looking design is made easy using flying geese, making this a quick and easy quilt to master. 

Published by Studio 180 Design :